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Accessible and secure

All your information in one

MyPracticeManual is a unique online practice management tool
that provides a complete range of features to securely organise,
access and administer all your essential data in one place.

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An effective practice manual:

Allows staff to be clear about expectations

Ensures better accountability

Reduces risk through improved compliance

Improves service delivery through consistency

Provides opportunities for the whole practice team to be involved in development and implementation of policies and procedures


Is created by medical professionals, for medical professionals.

Includes customisation options allow you to set up MyPracticeManual yourself, or get us to do it for you.  Either way, the system is customised to suit your practice.

Is standardised for accreditation.

Has one-click version control so you can quickly and easily track changes and access previous versions.

Provides real person-to-person support via phone or email.

Try it today!

General Practice

MyPracticeManual was initially developed for General Practice. It covers all the Standards and Criterion in 4th edition of the RACGP Standards for General Practice.

In addition, there are extensive sections on Human Resource Management and Practice Administration.

Specialist Practices

MyPracticeManual has developed templates for specialists and diagnostic imaging practices. The Diagnostic Imaging templates include links to the relevant Standards. All templates include content relevant to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

Dental Practices

MyPracticeManual has developed a template for Dental practices incorporating all the documentation required for dental accreditation is now available with links to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards as applicable to dental accreditation.

Allied and Other Practices

MyPracticeManual is used by psychology physiotherapy practices,  The physiotherapy template includes links to the APA Standards.


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Recent News

So many tasks, so many dates
Recently, two thoughts ‘collided’: firstly, that in every practice there are many activities that are constantly recurring – a sort of hamster wheel of dates and tasks!  Some of these tasks require minimal action, e.g. checking that a practitioner is appropriately registered; but the consequence of not completing the task could be significant.  Some tasks are more substantial, such as role-specific induction programs for staff.  Completing these to a high standar...

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